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    Accutab Weekly Pill Dispenser 7 Day x 3 Compartments per Day

    The e-pill Accutab is a manual pill dispenser that takes the work out of organizing medications. It’s easy to use and simplifies the task of planning for up to 3 medication times per day. The dispenser can be loaded weekly by an individual or caregiver, dramatically enhancing medication adherence. Its large capacity consists of 21 compartments (3 per day), with each compartment holding up to 35 Aspirin-sized pills. It fits under the kitchen cabinet for easy dispensing - simply slide the lever to rotate the dispensing tray to dispense directly into your hand. Easy to use even for patients with Severe Arthritis.
    Product #: 2364812053EP


    LARGE CAPACITY: This 7X3 manual pill dispenser includes 1 pill tray labeled MON, TUES, WED, THUR, FRI, SAT, SUN. Each day has 3 large compartments labeled AM, Noon, and PM. The capacity of each compartment is 35 Aspirin sized pills.

    EASY TO DISPENSE: Simply slide the lever to rotate the dispensing tray – this movement will drop the medications into the patient's hand. Unique “Last Taken” indicator shows patient or caregiver when medicines were last taken.

    NEVER LOSE IT: It fits under the kitchen cabinet. Mounting bracket 8-inch x 6 1/2 inch (needs 8-inch total depth for mounting) x 3 1/4 inch. Mounting bracket and Screws (4) are included.

    HOW-It-WORKS: The weekly pillbox is loaded once a week by caregiver or patient. When it is time to take medications, just move the lever on the front of the Accutab pill dispenser from left to right to dispense the pills. Hold your hand out or a cup to catch the pills that fall. Refill once-a-week on Sunday night.

    Pillbox Size: 6 ¾ inch x 6 ¾ inch x 2 inch
    Pill Capacity: 25 Aspirin sized tablets per compartment