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    Slide Board for Working Out

    Product #: 2314757A
    • BUILD MUSCLE & LIGAMENT STRENGTH - Using a slideboard with booties can activate the finer ligaments in your body, along with major muscle groups, as you strive to balance on a slippery surface.
    • ENHANCE LATERAL STRENGTH & COORDINATION - Slide boards with hockey booties take your balance up a notch, alongside your strength training, as you engage core muscles & ligaments involved in your stability & coordination.
    • MAKE SIMPLE EXERCISES MORE EFFECTIVE - On a regular surface, you're only engaging major muscles. On a sliding exercise board, the slippery surface increases the challenge, and in turn, your overall results.
    • KEEP YOUR JOINTS SAFE WHILE TRAINING HARDER - Using a speed skating slide board can minimize hamstring, groin, & joint injuries. The sliding exercise board can be a great tool for low impact conditioning as well.
    • ULTIMATE STABILITY FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS - The GlideMaster hockey slide board improves on other options thanks to suction cups for stability, and foam bumpers at the edges for safety. Optimal User Height - 5'4" to 6'1".