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    Reaching your goals for the New Year!

    Reaching your goals for the New Year!

    The end of the year is an opportunity for new beginnings. Creating resolutions for the upcoming year is a great way to re-evaluate what you deem important in your life and make realistic plans to reach your goals. It is common during this time of the year for people to devise new resolutions they wish to achieve. Goals vary depending on the person but normally involve an aspect of a person’s life they believe they can improve upon. 

    While most people will have a resolution they wish to complete for the new year in their heads, very few are able to fulfill their wishes. In fact,researchers suggest that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. While 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.” These numbers can be quite shocking, however, there are steps that can be taken to increase the likelihood of completing a resolution.  

    First and foremost, write your goal down! Research has shown that just writing down goals for the new year will make you that much more likely to achieve them. People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who don't. Why is this? Clarity! Writing down your goals helps you clarify what you want to achieve.”  

    Secondly, your goals need to be quantifiable. For example, if your goal is to read more, give yourself a number of books you want to complete by the end of the yearIf you want to become more physically active come up with a goal of steps to walk in a day. It is also important to set yourself up for success by creating realistic goals that are achievable for you and your own capabilities.  

    Finally, find tools, products, or devices that will aid in the completion of your resolutions. Thanks to modern-day medical devices, like the ones offered at Pisces Healthcare Solutions, achieving resolutions are much more realistic even when taking disabilities into account. 

    We have established how to ensure the likelihood of staying on track for your New Year’s goals. Below you will find different products offered by Pisces Healthcare Solutions that will aid in the achievement of your 2024 New Year’s resolutions.  


    Resolution: Working out/Losing weight  

    A common goal for the New Year for most is to become more physically active or work out more. Getting active, staying active, and reaching your wellness goals just got easier with the Cubii Jr+. This device can be incorporated into any part of your routine! The CubiiJr+ is a low-impact elliptical that helps burn calories, targets the lower body and obliques, and can increase leg strength, mobility, and your daily activity level.  

    The Cubii Jr+ features a built-in handle and weighs less than 20 lbs,andcan be picked up to be positioned under your desk or at your favorite seatThe built-in LCD display screen tracks your strides, distance, speed, active time, and calories burned, while seamlessly syncing with the Cubii mobile app and other fitness tracking apps to keep you accountable and stay on track for the long haul! 

    Cubii Jr+


    Resolution: Becoming more Physically Active 

    Becoming more activein your daily life can be especially difficult for those with limited mobility. However, modern mobility devices are becoming easier to use and even more reliable. The NightHawk Rollator is a powerful mobility device that will ensure you get moving all while providing safety and stability.  

    Designed with a durable aluminum frame that supports Veterans up to 300 pounds. It features easy-to-adjust arms with ergonomic handles, a top- to-bottom protected braking system. Accommodates varied heights from 4’11” to TALL Veteransup to 6'4"A cane holder and mesh tote for carrying personal items are standard accessories that come with the NightHawk, however an oxygen tank holder can be purchased separately if needed. Additional features include an  18” x 10” thickly padded seat with a handle to quickly and easily fold and unfold side-to-side (rather than front-to-back), allowing the unit to maneuver through narrow doorways. Folds up for quick and easy transport in any vehicle and for storage. 

    Be confident with your mobility and get outside, the fresh air will help you feel rejuvenated! The NightHawk Rollator will surely help you reach your daily steps goal!  


    Resolution: Increase Flexibility 

    Before and after a workout it is important to warm up muscles and joints and minimize pain through stretching. Stretching can sometimes feel like a redundant activity that just prolongs a workout, but it helps to prevent injuries and it keeps you limber. Hold stretches for about  20-30 seconds in a variety of positions, and don’t cheat!A device that can assist with increasing flexibility and maximizing stretching ability is the IdealStretch Device. This is a hamstring and calf stretcher that will help put all of that pain, tightness, and soreness in your rearview, so you can feel good and move around better for all those daily activities you loveThis device effectively stretches the hamstring and calf at the same time; It's also a great knee and lower back stretcher that helps relieve tight and short Iliotibial (IT) band tissues. This stretch device is lightweight and portable, made with a durable steel frame that can handle the wear and tear from heavy use. Your body will thank you later for stretching with the IdealStretch Device! 


    Resolution: Establish Healthy Eating Habits 

    If healthy eating is your goal, that doesn't mean you have to give up all of the foods you love at once. Try making one or two small changes at a time. Allowing yourself the occasional salty snack or piece of chocolate can actually help you stay on track and achieve your long-term goals. For others it means, being able to access their healthy food choices with adaptive feeding equipment. Some options to consider are anti-tremor utensils such as weighted utensils and Gyenno Bravo Twist, colored dishes and utensils for visual enhancement to increase appetite, as well as ELISpoon for people with limited hand and arm mobility. Another alternative is The Robotic Neater Eater, this is indicated for use with Veterans that maintain head control ability to include chewing and swallowing. 

    Whatever the preferred method of eating, everyone should have the accessibility to enjoy healthy foods and establish healthy eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.  

      Picture of ELISpoon Kit (Teaspoon and Soup Spoon) 

    Resolution: Increase Water Intake 

    Drinking water has numerous benefits. Water is crucial for many bodily functions, such aslubricating the joints, delivering oxygen throughout the body, decreasing kidney damage/infections, and much more!Pisces Healthcare Solutions offers a vast catalog of drinking aid products. If one of your goals is to consume more water, check out just a few of our simple devices that will help increase your water intake every day. 

    The Giraffe Bottle Hands Free Drinking Solution allows users with various abilities to stay hydrated. The system is designed to be flexible and easy to use. The solution is great for desks, wheel chairs, beds, tables, and more with use of the various holders and mounting options.Available inBPA Free Plastic and stainless steel, various neck lengths from 15 inch to 36 inch as well as various valves to meet the capability of each Veterans swallowing ability. The BPA Free Plastic Clear bottle is printed with ml and oz markings for hydration recording. Easy to see when bottle needs to be refilled. 

    Veterans experiencing tremors, limited dexterity, or weak grip may believe it is not possible for them to reach their water intake goal, however, the HandSteady Rotatble Handle Cup satisfies all mentioned hand motor problems. This Cup has a rotating handle that self-levels, increases control, and reduces spills. No need to worry about creating a mess, instead worry about reaching your water intake goal. 

    Veterans with limited mobility below their necks would find a great benefit from using the Neater PoweredDrinker.This deviceenables people to drink liquids and puréed foods at their own pace all while maintaining their independence. 


    Resolution: Accountability

    It is hard to start something new, we all want to be successful, however, mistakes will happen, acknowledge them, learn from them, and take steps to rectify them. Take responsibility for ensuring you remember your daily goals and routine that you have set for the New Year with the Your Minder Personal Recording Alarm Clock. Record with your own voice 6 alarm messages. The possibilities are endless! Record anything, from motivational mantras to reminders for medication or to exercise. This system is to alert you and remind you to encourage you to do daily activities. Pair the Organizer with the MedCenter Talking Clock and you have a complete monthly medication organizer and reminder system.

    Track your daily or weekly weight progress with a talking weight scale. The Echo talking scale is equipped with a voice box that speaks the users weight in English and Spanish, the talking feature can also be turned off. Auto on/off feature, simply step on scale to turn on. The talking feature is ideal for vision impaired, however anyone who needs to monitor their weight regularly can benefit from this scale.  The platform is extra wide, made of tempered glass and has a 3.5” LCD display.  There are large anti-skid feet for additional safety and has a weight capacity is 400 pounds.

    Take charge of your own health today!

    Picture of MedCenter Your Minder Personal Recording Alarm Clock         Picture of MEDCENTER MONTHLY PILL ORGANIZER  

    Resolution: Challenge yourself 

    Whatever you do in 2024 – make sure you are pushing yourself to get better each day! As you can see, no matter your level of abilities you reside at, it is possible to reach your resolutions for 2024! Get involved, get moving, eat better, and drink more water. It is extremely important to set aside that 30 minutes each day tobetter yourself,  but make sure you’re pushing yourself!So get out there and make 2024 a year for the ages! 


    The above products could be available to Veterans through their VA benefits and ifinterested in any of the products please discuss them with the VA Primary Care Physician, VA Occupational Therapist or VA Physical Therapist.  The VA could also provide these products to Veterans by Medical practitionerssubmitting the Request for Service Form 10-10172 and submit to the VA Community Care coordinator.  If you have questions aboutany of the above products orany products on ourwebsite,please feelfree inquirefurther information.  

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