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    Purple Double Seat Cushion | Pressure Reducing Grid

    Product #: 265856A
    • LONG-LASTING COMFORT: A great option for office chairs, the Double Seat Cushion features two layers of Grid to keep you supported – even when you're working overtime.
    • NO-PRESSURE SUPPORT: The Grid cradles your tailbone while cushioning the rest of your seat.
    • COOL COMFORT: Hundreds of air channels paired with a temperature-neutral material mean you're not stuck with a sweaty seat.
    • DURABLE: Engineered to bounce back and withstand wear and tear from normal use. (It's even covered by a one-year warranty!)
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Throw the cover in the washer and clean the grid with soap and water.
    • NO-SLIP DESIGN: With an anti-slip bottom, the cover ensures that the cushion stays in place.