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    Miracle Jockstrap Harness- Black

    The Miracle Jockstrap Harness features an unique front panel on the contour pouch which holds the PeeCock seamlessly to achieve an eye-catching, erotic presence. This FTM harness is made from a durable and smooth ice fabric blend that consists of 85% Acrylic and 15% Spandex which is extremely soft for a very comfortable fit and support. Offering an unique design statement, the Miracle Jockstrap Harness features a 18mm elastic waistband that firmly holds your Pee-Cock in place and a jock strap, providing excellent support and a seamless look. The Miracle Jockstrap Harness is available in Black or Beige color with sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

    **Note: You can wear a tight fit brief or boxer with front pouch opening over the Miracle Jockstrap harness if using the PeeCock for Play.

    Buying & Care Instructions

    Like any pair of underwear, the Miracle Jockstrap Harness will not last forever, but you can increase their longevity by treating them with care. Use care when putting your PeeCock into and out of the elastic ring and front pouch opening. Putting the prosthesis in before slipping on your Miracle Jockstrap harness makes it much easier. Machine or hand wash and machine dry (in a laundry bag) or hang dry. Enjoy and be safe.

    To buy the right size, measure around your waist where waistband will sit - which is below the belly-button, over the hip-bone area.

    Due to hygiene reasons, sales of under garment apparel are final. Please be sure to order the correct size and color. Item/s are not returnable or exchangeable.

    Directions for using the Miracle Jockstrap Harness

    1. Slide the PeeCock shaft through the elastic ring on the front pouch of the Miracle Jockstrap Harness.

    2. Push the scrotum (balls) of the PeeCock through the front opening of the harness until the elastic circumference wraps neatly around the base of the PeeCock.

    3. Adjust the fabric so that it wraps around the outer part of the funnel.

    4. Wear the harness around your waist and adjust the waist band so that it rides on your hips and the PeeCock hangs freely at your groin position.