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    Hand Keyper

    Helpful tool for opening bottles, cans, bags. The Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener increases leverage to make daily opening tasks easier. This tool is helpful for hands weakened by arthritis, carpal tunnel, for opening medicine bottles, both press-and-turn and aspirin bottles.
    Product #: 23256AS

    The Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener allows users with decreased hand strength to open pop-top cans. A bag/envelope slitter quickly opens stubborn season packets or food bags. A magnet makes it easy to pick up paper clips, ear rings and pins and allows the tool to be stored easily. This easy to use opening aid is helpful for protecting acrylic nails, and preventing broken fingernails. It even has an emery board for emergency nail repair. Anyone who's misplaced their keys will find this tool keeps keys stored on the fridge or dashboard for easy access. 2 keys can be stored inside to make them easy to find, and the holder assists the user in turning door and ignition keys. The Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener is designed to last a lifetime of normal home use and comes complete with instructions.

    Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener Specifications:

    • Color: Red.
    • Measures: 2-3/4 inch diameter.
    • Includes: One Hand Key-Per Household Aid and instructions.
    • Pop-top soda can opener
    • Match-arrows medicine bottle opener
    • Bag or envelope opener
    • Key holder and turning aid
    This item is not returnable.
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