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    Gel Heel Protectors

    Product #: 23681037VH

      Gently supporting the heel, the gel heel protectors provide soft cushioning for every step


      Moisturizing gel protects cracked, dry or bruised heels, relieving pain due to heel spurs and achilles tendonitis


      Safely stretching to accommodate any foot size, the heel protectors are made with a latex-free silicone gel


      The gel heel protectors are reusable and easy to clean


      Designed for use on the left or right heel as needed


      Safely store the gel heel protectors in the included drawstring storage pouch

      Can I use a moisturizer or foot cream before putting the heel protectors on?

      Yes! The heel protectors can be worn after applying medicated foot creams or moisturizers.

      Will I be able to wear the heel protectors if my feet tend to swell?

      Yes! The heel protectors are extremely flexible and will continue to stretch to accommodate slight swelling of the feet and ankle.

      How do I clean my ViveSole heel protectors?

      The gel heel protectors should be washed in warm water with a mild soap, taking care to turn them inside out for a thorough cleaning. Dry the gel heel protectors immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Dusting them with power, talc or starch will minimize self-sticking during storage.

      How many gel heel protectors come in a set?

      The Vivesole gel heel protectors include four heel protectors and one storage pouch.

      Will these gel heel sleeves fit my wide feet?

      Yes! The heel protectors are made with an extremely flexible silicone gel to comfortably fit most foot sizes, including wide feet.

      Can I wear the heel protectors with socks and shoes?

      Yes! The gel heel protectors are slim, designed to be worn under socks and hosiery. The slim protectors fit well in most shoe styles including athletic, dress and casual shoes.

      Will the gel heel protectors relieve pain in my heel?

      Yes, the gel heel protectors cushion and gently support the heel to relieve discomfort due to Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and bruised heels.

      Are the gel heel supports latex-free?

      Yes, the flexible silicone gel is latex-free.

      Are the heel protectors reusable?

      Yes, the heel protectors are washable and reusable.

      Can I wear these while running?

      Yes! The gel heel sleeves are suitable for any activity to gently cushion the heel.


      • Cushions and gently supports the heel


      • Length: 3.82”
      • Height of opening: 3.35”
      • Total height: 3.94”


      • Flexible silicone gel
      • Latex-free


      • White

      Care Instructions:

      • Wash heel protectors with warm water and a mild soap
      • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth
      • Use talc, baby powder, or starch to minimize self-sticking during storage
      • Never machine wash or dry

      What’s Included:

      • ViveSole Gel Heel Protectors- set of four
      • Drawstring storage pouch
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