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    Dycem Non-Slip Pre-cut Rectangles

    Precut pads keep objects from sliding or rolling.
    • Dycem Non-Slip Precut Rectangles help prevent unwanted movement or spillages.
    • The non-slip material grips on both sides to secure objects, yet peels off surfaces easily.
    • Use on trays and tables to keep plates and cutlery from sliding or pens and pencils from rolling off tabletops.
    • Ideal for adhering cushions and inserts to wheelchairs.
    • The largest rectangular pad is great for lining lap trays.
    • Dycem® is non-toxic and can be cleaned with soapy water to retain its properties.
    • It is not effective when wet and must dry before use.
    • Anti-microbial.
    • Latex free.

    10" x 14" x 3/16" (25 x 36 x 0.5cm)

    10" x 7-1/4" x 1/8" (25 x 18 x 0.3cm)

    14-7/8" x 18" x 1/8" (38 x 46 x 0.3cm)

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