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    Diagnosis and Treatment Manual for Physicians and Therapists- 5th Edition

    Product #: 2318002DTM

    There are four volumes to the 5th edition! Volumes 1 & 2 are the treatment guidelines for the most common medical diagnoses and surgical procedures specific to the upper extremity. Volume 3 is a set of patient handouts in English. Volume 4 is a set of patient handouts in Spanish. Each order includes all four volumes. There are over 300 pages in each volume. The manual has definitely expanded!

    The 1st edition of the manual was written in 1983. It was created to provide general therapy guidelines for the fellows managing our patients day to day. Over time, our guests and fellows were interested in having the information in their clinical settings.

    With each new edition the manual has grown both in content and in popularity with physicians, therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, case managers, rehab nurses, athletic trainers, among others. Medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, have found the manual serving as a valuable foundation for safe and effective treatment guidelines for patient care.

    The authors have found the treatment guidelines and patient handouts particularly valuable. It is for this reason, we are happy to share this information with colleagues around the country and around the world. It is believed that through the collective sharing of all our knowledge and expertise, we are able to strengthen the quality of patient care and patient outcomes.

    We are hopeful this long-awaited edition will meet your expectations and serve as a valuable resource as you care for your patients.

    One individual order includes 4 separate manuals: Treatment guidelines [two volumes, 600 total pages] Patient handouts (English) [approximately 300 pages] Patient handouts (Spanish) [approximately 300 pages]