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    Breast Form Style 2005-Dark- Beige

    • Teardrop shape symmetrical form can be worn on right or left side.
    • Made of medical silicone covered with a matte skin-like polyurethane film with a natural looking nipple and areola.
    • Concave back
    • Separate molded fabric cover included
    • *Custom item. May take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive*
    • Hand washable, imported
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    Breast Prosthesis Standard

    This superior line of silicone gel breast forms are perfect for the transgender client. Extremely soft, bouncy and anatomically correct, these forms are waterproof and washable for years of use. A New You Gel breast forms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be worn all day and night and are easily adhered to the body with tacky glue. Washing is easy with only soap and water, then letting the forms dry naturally and dusting them with baby powder or corn starch to keep the silicone like new. **SOLD AS A PAIR**

    Breast Prosthesis Wide Triangle

    Wider base triangle form. **SOLD AS A PAIR**