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    Alpha Advanced Rollator

    The Dolomite Alpha Basic and Advanced Walkers are medical mobility devices to assist individuals with mobility challenges who cannot use a standard rollator hand grips or brake handles. The foldable, wheeled-walker uses forearm supports and looped style brake levers for individuals with weakened or limited hand strength and a variety of adjustments can be made to the height, angle, and distance of the forearms pads and brake handles to provide a comfortable, customized fit to the user. The 8' high friction indoor/outdoor wheels provide safe and smooth mobility over uneven surfaces.
    • Rehab walker with forearm supports
    • Flip-up seat for gait training
    • Removable basket
    • Joystick style brake lever is direction and tension adjustable
    • 8" indoor-outdoor tires
    • Magnetic security latch prevents accidental closure
    • Attached tool for arm adjustments
    Length27.5 in.Packaging Length39 in.
    Width25.5 in.Packaging Width13 in.
    Height37.5 -47" in.Packaging Height26 in.
    Product Weight28 lbs.Package Volume7.6 cu. in.
    Outside Packaging39x13x26 in.Shipping Weight38 lbs.
    LatexnProduct Assemblyrequired
    Primary MaterialsteelPrimary Colorblue
    U of MeachUnit Quantity
    Capacity275 lbs.
    Grip Lengthin.Height Above Bedframein.
    Width Between Arms/Handles12 to 14 in.Fits Diameterin.
    Seat Width14 in.Back Heightin.
    Back Widthin.Seat Depth7 in.
    Seat to Footrestin.Backrest Angle°
    Height Seat to Floor24.5 in.Seat Angle°
    Dimensions (Folded)in.

    Platform support:

    Padded tray mounts in place of arm troughs, Brake handles will extend forward, lean onto platform for stability and momentum. Works with either Basic or Advanced Alpha walkers.

    One Hand Brake:

    If you have difficulty holding and squeezing a brake handle with your right hand,  you may want to consider a One Hand Brake. All control for braking is operated from left side. Order handle for good side, Left brake will have the brake handle on the left side. Package consists of the joystick style brake handle for the Alpha Advanced walker, with dual wire cables and sheath coverings.Installation of new brake cables is required.

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    Alpha Basic Rehab Rollator with Forearm Supports

    The Alpha walkers address the needs of anyone who cannot use the standard hand grip or brake handle. The forearm pads provide support from elbow to wrist. A variety of adjustments can be made to angle, height and distance for the forearms pads and brake handles. The seat allows you to turn around and rest along the way. The Alpha Basic has looped brakes handles turned vertical. Alpha Advanced has a cushioned handle on a ball joint. Braking can be accomplished by pushing or pulling depending on the joint setting.

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