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    Adult Ultra Soft Demand cannula, pack of 5

    Straight nares made of ultra-soft material for optimum patient comfort. All systems feature 3-channel tubing which prevents kinking.
    Product #: 222018045RR

    Responsive Respiratory - Ultra Soft Adult Cannulais available with wither 4' or 7' safety tubing.  The ultra soft cannula offers a flex-soft fit for the ultimate in comfort and reduces irritation behind the ears.  Other features include:  clear material for inconspicuous use, "Bolo Style" slide for patient adjustment,  and six channel, star lumen tubing design to help eliminate kinks.  Responsive Respiratory knows the key to comfort...ultra soft material for a more comfortable fit.  Helps reduce blisters and sores around the ears and nasal area.  Latex-free.

    Responsive Respiratory - Ultra Soft Adult Cannula Features:

    • 4'  kink resistant tubing
    • Over the ear style cannula
    • "Bolo Style" slide for patient adjustment
    • latex-free - easy on sensitive skin
    • Ultra soft cannula with flex-soft fit reduces irritation, adds comfort