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    Wall Protector Sheets

    Product #: 247778A
    • 6 X-Large sheets: Primens wall protectors come in the pack of 6 X-Large sheets, each covering 12x17”
    • Shiny-clear: This clear wall protector is 100% transparent, so it won’t be too eye-catching
    • Optimal stickiness: Thanks to outstanding adhesive properties, Primens clear plastic adhesive sheets will stay in their place
    • No residues: No sticky traces will be left by these protective home office accessories
    • Flexible: Every durable wall protector sheet is flexible, and it will repeat the contour of the wall. Easily customize the size and shape of the sheet with scissors
    • Easy to clean: Wipe these home office supplies with wet clothes or a sponge to remove the dirt
    • Stain-proof: Primens wall protector from dog is resistant to stains and splashes that appear as your sloppy dog eats or as your kid entertains with arts
    • Various surfaces: These wall protectors are applicable for all furniture and wall types, except for wet, heavily textured, or peeling surfaces
    • Easy to apply: Enjoy the effortless application of these work from home essentials
    • Numerous uses: Protect the wall for foot rest for under desk at work. Use as a computer desk accessories, dining table covers, kitchen wall protector, wall protector from trash can and more