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    Therapure UV Germicical Air Purifier, Hepa Type

    Covers up to 200 sq ft. UV and VOC functions with separate on/off switch 24 hour timer for automatic power off LED display with dimmer function 3 fan speeds Energy efficient CADR Certified Ratings: Pollen 138 / Dust 136 / Smoke 128 Built-in night mode to dim the control panel light when you sleep Clean filter indicator light
    • Breathe Easy
    • Few things play as great a role in our health as the air we breathe. But is the air in your home or office truly safe?
    • Unless someone is coughing nearby, most people don’t realize the air in their homes or offices may be hazardous to their health. But the fact is germs can be airborne, and indoor air pollution is a recognized source of respiratory diseases.
    • The air inside your home may be filled with allergens like pet dander and pollen… cigarette smoke… dust (and dust mites)… molds spores… bacteria… viruses… even chemical fumes from household cleaners.
    • It uses triple action purification to effectively reduce allergens, pollution, smoke & odors, airborne germs & bacteria, fumes and chemicals.
    • 120 Vac, 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 55 watts at high fan speed
    • 3 watt UV light bulb
    • Dimensions: 6.9" W x 8.8" D x 25.5" H
    • Weight: 9.5 lbs
    This air purifier, our newest model, is perfect for medium to large rooms and harnesses the very best in air purification technology, delivering maximum protection against indoor air pollution. However, this new air purifier did not sacrifice efficiency & technology for looks & affordability. It still utilizes hemispheric HEPA-type filter technology and its convenient built-in handle makes moving it where you need it a snap.
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