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    PULSE Ultrasound Therapy-3 MHz device

    Safe, Convenient, and Affordable Ultrasound Therapy.
    Product #: 2369784NC
    • Relieves pain, muscles spasms, and joint contractures associated with: adhesive capsulitis, bursitis with calcification, myositis, soft tissue injuries, shortened tendons due to past injury and scar tissue.
    • Stimulates blood flow, decreases swelling and reduces inflammation.
    • Delivers safe and effective treatment easily, consistently and quickly.
    • Built to meet and exceed demanding clinical standards.
    • Patented therapeutic vibratory massage feature.
    • Vibratory feedback indicates coupling.
    • Thermal protection for patient safety.
    • Available in either 1MHz or 3MHz for optimal application.
    • Unit includes:

    (1) JAS® PULSE™ (1 Mhz or 3 MHz device)
    (1) Medical grade AC/DC adapter
    (1) Convenient travel case
    (1) Instruction manual
    (1) 8.5 oz ultrasound gel
    (1) 2.2 oz ultrasound gel - convenient travel size