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    Züm-AP/SP Mobile Shower Commode Chair

    Raz Mobile Shower Commode Chairs — Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the discerning healthcare professional. The Züm-AP/SP are the first folding frame mobile shower commode chairs that offer the rigidity that you would expect from a premium product. The unique cross brace design allows the Züm to fit fully over a toilet for optimal alignment of the aperture with the toilet bowl.
    Product #: 2Z11118RZ
    • Crossbrace with low pivot point and forward arch allows Züm to be positioned fully over the toilet
    • Crossbrace lock-down system and rear seat support tube provide unparalleled rigidity
    • 18”W aluminum frame – fits over most standard toilets
    • Unrestricted front and side access
    • 17 standard seats + custom (with IPAS)
    • Removable back support
    • Neoprene Footplate Cover
    • Adjustable Heel Loops
    • Flip-up arm supports with optional lock kit
    • 22” or 24” wheels available for the Züm-SP model
    • 2” fore/aft rear wheel adjustment (fine tunes center-of-mass position for SP model)
    • Quick-Release Axles are standard