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    Flo-Trol Drinking Cup

    Designed to be used for drinking in a semi-reclined position, the Wonder-Flo Cup keeps mealtime less messy! The construction of this cup stops liquid from flowing when the user isn’t drawer, and features a rubber button that releases small amounts of fluid for controlled feeding. This cup is microwavable and features autoclave nylon. This cup includes a lid, and replacement lids are available as well. Excellent for personal use at home or professional use at care facilities.
    Product #: 21252NC
    • Designed to allow the user to drink in a semi-reclined position comfortably and without any mess
    • Stores 8 oz. of liquid and is built to be microwaved safely
    • Button on the lid of this cup contains latex
    • Excellent for controlled feeding, and personal or professional use
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