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    Wheelchair Arm Lateral Bolsters, each


    The Wheelchair Arm Lateral Bolster is a combination of a wheelchair arm bolster and a lateral support. It inhibits some lateral leaning, cushions the sides, protects the arms from skin tears, and prevents bruising.

    This device is one continuous piece of fabric-covered tubular HR foam in an "L" shape which attaches by opening up on the bottom and going over the arm rest and tubing then securing with hook and loop for easy-on and easy-off convenience. The Bolsters are made with HR foam and are covered medical-grade fabric. JDM recommends these devices for individuals with minor leaning problems

    Each bolster is 4" in diameter. There are 4 standard sizes and the only difference in each is the length of the portion that goes over the arm rest. The part of the bolster that goes up behind the arm rest is 7" high regardless of the length of the bottom part

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