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    Walkmed Infusion Infusion Pump, Ambulatory Walkmed 350Vl V2.0 Ce1275

    The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump is trusted for a reason. Its quality and dependability have been proven by years of consistent performance. Primarily designed for ambulatory therapy, the 350VL is lightweight, easy to program, and able to last days on a single 9V battery.
    Product #: 2369745SF


    The WalkMed 350VL pump is programmable for therapies between 0.1 to 30mL per hour with a delivery accuracy of ±5%.


    At just 12oz. in weight, the WalkMed 350VL infusion pump is small, light, and very easy for patients to carry. An accessory pouch is provided with each pump, allowing the patient to attach it to a belt or shoulder strap and use it discreetly.

    Long Battery Life

    The WalkMed 350VL infusion pump can run for days on a single nine-volt battery. For example, it will easily take a patient through an entire 5-FU infusion cycle at the typical run rate of 2-3 mL/hr. As a result, the patient will typically not need to interact with the pump during the course of their therapy. Should they need to interact with the pump, we provide straightforward user guides, a 24-hour helpline, and a wealth of user resources.

    Ease Of Use

    The WalkMed 350VL has an interface that is simple and easy to understand, making this pump exceptionally easy to program. There are no complex sub-menus or complicated settings. Additionally, our administration sets are easily attached to the pump. Combined with the equally user-friendly WalkMed reservoir bags, our pump will make your entire preparation process fast and streamlined.

    Additional Programming Options

    The WalkMed 350VL has a Total Volume Limit option. This allows you to program the pump to a volume limit at which a 4-hour KVO (keep vein open) mode will initiate, dropping the infusion rate to the level necessary to keep the vein from collapsing.