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    Vertical Medicine Ball Rack

    Keeping workout areas clean and organized is vital to ensuring the safety of those in the facility. Nobody looking for a serious workout wants to have to step over machines, worry about tripping and search for the right equipment. This Plyometric Ball Rack helps to ensure that medicine and plyometric balls won't be part of the problem. With a 6-ball capacity, this vertical rack is a great way to organize medicine balls of all sizes and keep them off the floor and from rolling around becoming a hazard. This rack helps keep workouts efficient as the vertical display ensures users can easily see the balls available and quickly select the one that suits their needs. No more digging in a tub or bin looking for the right one. With a slim design, sturdy base and made of strong steel tubing, this unit can fit almost anywhere in a gym or workout space. Measuring 12" x 12" x 58", the rack requires minimal, easy assembly with no power tools needed.
    Product #: 2969046FEI

    Please note, this is the Plyometric Ball Rack only.

    Balls are available separately.

    The rack can hold six balls of various sizes or all of one size. The steel tubing frame offers exceptional durability and strength. The small footprint of the rack only takes up a 12" x 12" area. At only 13 lbs., re-positioning the rack when needed is a simple task. Easy to clean. Regular dusting should handle most of the work, but when needed, a warm, damp cloth with some mild soap will do the trick.

    Dimensions: 12" x 58" x 12"

    Weight: 13.0 lbs

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