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    Vastmedic External Male Urinary Catheter Kit

    Vastmedic Urinary Catheter Kit consists of a silicone catheter, tubing, urinal, and drainage bag, all intended for urological use only. It is reusable and designed for patients or elders who experience urinary problems, such as urinary incontinence or urinary retention caused by prostatic or genital surgery, other medical conditions such as dementia, spinal cord damage, or multiple sclerosis that impair the nervous system, or the loss of control over the bladder. Vastmedic has designed external urinary catheter kits for both male and female patients. They are soft, flexible, and easy-to-use catheters that wick urine away, keeping the body dry and odor-free.
    Product #: 24589628VM


    1. Non-invasive and painless:Several procedures for collecting urine require insertion and invasive ways. However, the Vastmedic external urinary catheter kit is non-invasive, painless, and there is NO surgery or insertion into the body required for use.
    2. Less risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs):Due to the invasive insertion procedure that makes the patient susceptible to severe infections, indwelling and intermittent catheters can cause UTIs. The Vastmedic external urinary catheter kit DOES NOT cause UTIs.
    3. Less irritation: The silicone material used in an external urinary catheter kit doesn’t feel rough or itchy against the patient’s skin.
    4. Availability for home usage
    5. Easy to use & Comfortable:This kit is designed to follow the curve of the human body in order to prevent urine leakage. The silicone funnel exhaust port has a switch-type design, which can be opened, closed, or flushed as needed.


    How to Use:

    1. Put the urinary catheter into position in the elastic underwear.
    2. Connect the catheter to the urine collection bag with the drainage tube.
    3. Put on the underwear and adjust to fit correctly.
    4. Insert the penis head into the catheter and adjust to fit securely.
    5. Hang the bag beside the bed at home while sleeping or fix it to your calf in a comfortable position while up and moving around.