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    UPWalker Neuro-Large

    Enhanced safety designs and functions to help those with movement and neurological disorders **STANDARD SIZE AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER 2021**
    Product #: 2H250UW

    The UPWalker Neuro includes features designed to help assist with gait and improve mobility.

    • Adjustable armrests that can rotate inward to better support users with limited arm movement or muscle tone.

    • Resistance braking function to help control speed and acceleration.

    • Backup prevention mechanism to stop backward movement (retropulsion).

    • Personal bag with air vents for portable oxygen concentrators.

    • Motion–activated lights to improve visabiltiy and safety.

    • Sit–to–stand handles that provide support when sitting and standing.

    • Bridge accessory attachment for even greater upper frame forearm stabilization.

    Laboratory research study revealed UpWalker upright technology outperforms rollators and walkers

    • Improved gait efficiency was observed.

    • Users experienced lower oxygen consumption and physical exertion.

    • Reduced erector spinae lumbar muscle activation.

    • Reduced anterior-posterior trunk sway.

    • Participants offloaded 39% to 46% of body weight through elbow support armrest while ambulating.

    • The UpWalker product led to upright body posture, offloaded portions of body weight from the lower extremity and improved gait efficiency during ambulation in comparison to rollators and other devices.

    Ideal for Daily Activities and Rehab Therapy

    The UPWalker Neuro includes features designed for clinical applications as well as for activities of daily living.

    Safety and Stability By Design

    The patented UPWalker is the only upright mobility device designed from the ground–up to reduce
    lateral and forward tip–over fall risk. Tested and certified to ISO standards (ISO 11199–3: 2005) for
    indoor and outdoor use. A clinical study demonstrated UPWalker users consumed less oxygen enabling them to walk farther with less exertion.

    Clinical Applications

    In comparison to standard rollators and walker devices, the UPWalker provides functional benefits which can be applied to treating clinical conditions including:

    • .  CVA

    • .  TBI

    • .  Ataxia

    • .  Degenerative Spinal Disease/ Sciata

    • .  Multiple Sclerosis

    • .  Balance Disorders

    • .  Other Neuro & Respiratory Disorders

    • .  Parkinson’s Disease

    • .  Deconditioning