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    Upper Extremity Positioning

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    Freedom Adjustable Elbow/Knee Splints

    Multipurose soft splints help restrict elbow and knee movement or can be used to help prevent joint contractures.

    Side Positioning Wedge, Lg/XL

    Posey Lateral Wedges are ideal for keeping bedridden patients repositioned to help eliminate pressure points over the bony prominences, thereby helping reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers. Posey Lateral Wedges are also more cost effective than pillows, as they can help reduce nursing labor costs. With the lightweight Lateral Wedges, it is possible to turn the patient without assistance. Lateral Wedges help assist caregivers in complying with NPUAP and AHRQ guidelines for using a 30-degree lateral inclined position when turning patients to help avoid pressure on the hip.

    Folding Bed Wedge

    Our Folding Wedge Cushion adds an incline for your bed to comfortably support your head and chest in an upright, slightly angled position. If you are struggling with digestive or respiratory issues and discomfort - the Contour Folding Bed Wedge is the perfect bed wedge pillow solution for you! The support foam wedge allows your body to lay on a gradual incline while supporting your head, chest & lower back comfortably. Also available in an extended length, this wedge pillow is one of the most beneficial positioning wedges available for single users. Dimensions: 7 inch: 24"L x 24" W x 7"H (30° incline) 10 inch: 24"L x 24" W x 10"H (43° incline) 12 inch: 24"L x 24" W x 12"H (51° incline)

    Core Bed Wedge

    A convenient solution to elevate the upper body or legs, helping to relieve the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders. Gentle elevation helps alleviate the pain or numbness sometimes caused by lying flat on the back. Unique two-piece hinged design constructed of precision cut, high quality foam with zippered cover. 24 x 24 (56cm x 56cm)

    Contour MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge

    The MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge is 5 comfort products in 1! Elevate and support your legs, knees, torso and back plus cushion your seat! DISCONTINUED USE 23092412RCL


    Relieve stress, neck tension, headaches and more with this easy-to-use, relaxing therapeutic tool that offers concentrated pressure for deep tissue benefits.

    Mattress Elevating Wedge - Under mattress support

    DRUG-FREE RELIEF - Foam bed riser that provides a safe and drug-free solution that may naturally help with symptoms of Acid Reflux or GERD through elevation. EASY INSTALLATION - Install under the mattress and enjoy the full comfort, width, and length of your original mattress. Split design allows for easier placement and removal between mattress and box spring. The full-bed-length provides additional mattress stability and support

    Upper Extremity Positioning

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