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    Universal Sling Mesh/Polyester with Head Support-Large

    Product #: 235156HC

    Multi-Purpose Seated Transfer Sling

    • Provides support around the hips and sacral area and under the thighs up to the shoulders with optional head support
    • Generous lateral trunk support
    • Multiple loop and strap options can accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions
    • Divided leg supports can be applied and removed in a seated or supine position
    • Leg straps can be applied in various positions for different levels of support
    • Built-in caregiver handles on each side add a level of control when moving and transferring user
    • Medium commode opening
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    Whether from a bed or wheelchair, to either a commode or toilet, the HygieneHBSling gets you where you need to go. The HygieneHBSling features a divided leg support design that affords full support for the head, back and legs in an upright, seated posture—without the user sitting directly in the sling. This not only allows access for the user’s personal bathroom use, but also for caregivers to provide assistance with undressing and dressing.