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    Ultra Fit Cool Wrist Splint with Thumb- 8" Medium

    • Features easy one-hand application and provides cool and comfortable thumb and wrist immobilization using breathable spacer fabric.
    • Indicated for deQuervain’s Syndrome, tendonitis, thumb strains or sprains and post-cast removal.
    • Manufactured from durable, lightweight spacer fabric with removable malleable aluminum palmer and thumb stays, flexible dorsal stay and contact closure.
    • 6" - 7"
    1. Release all hook and loop closures.
    2. Slide hand into splint so wide stay fits comfortably in palm.
      (Note: stay may be shaped to match curvature of wrist).
    3. Close all hook and loop closures to desired tension for comfortable fit.

    • Remove any metal stays if possible.
    • Close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
    • Product should be air-dried.
    • Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
    Products specifications
    HCPCSL3807 (Custom Fit), L3809 (OTS)