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    Tush-Cush® 15" x 20" Extended Width & Extra Firm, Black-Velour

    Product #: 21520TCEXTXF

    Product Overview
    The Extra-Firm Extended Tush-Cush® is a higher density cushion that is recommended for persons over 200lbs. The Extended Tush-Cush® orthopedic seat cushion is scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, sciatica, and other discomforts associated with sitting. The unique cutout section of the cushion suspends the tailbone providing comfort and relief to areas sensitive to sitting. The wedge shape tilts your pelvis forward to restore your spine’s natural lumbar curve. 

    Product Features

    • Suspends the tailbone, reducing the pressure on and within the lower spinal discs.
    • Causes the pelvis to tip forward to help restore the spine’s natural lumbar curve.
    • Provides excellent sitting comfort. The cutout section of the cushion allows comfort and relief of pain to areas sensitive to sitting.
    • Velour cover is 100% washable. Executive covers are made of a breathable vinyl and can easily be wiped clean.
    • Fits perfectly in a larger chair or wheelchair.

    Product Dimensions
    Depth: 15″
    Width: 20″
    Height: 3″ in the back tapering down 1″ in the front.
    Weight: 2 lbs.