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    Trimable Thumb Orthosis

    1/8" nylon covered neoprene provides heat and compression. Wrap-around design with built-in assist strap for ease of application. Fits right or left hand. Taped seam on thumb can be trimmed at the IP joint. Fits wrist circumference 4-1/2" to 9-1/2". Latex free.
    Product #: 2554782HW

    Trimable Thumb Orthosis supplies warmth and even compression along your thumb  for effective support.  The product slips on over your thumb and wraps around your wrist - one of the easiest to fit.  Inside, an assist flap is used to secure the wrap to the thumb portion before it is then wrapped around your wrist circumferentially.  This simple addition makes it easy for individuals lacking hand strength to apply it without any assistance.  The Hely & Weber Trimable Thumb brace features mouser stitching and melco adhesive tape applied along the seam.  This stitching process creates more comfortable seams that will hold instead of coming apart with repeated usage.  The highest quality neoprene is used to provide warmth and material rebound for enhanced performance with heavy daily use.  It suitable for chronic arthritis, and overuse injuries where strict immobilization with a product that includes stays around the thumb is not necessary. For mild to moderate support and the ability to cut the length of the thumb, the Hely Weber Trimable Thumb Orthosis is an outstanding solution for a variety of indications.

    Hely Weber Trimable Thumb Orthosis Features:

    • 1/8" Nylon covered neoprene provides heat and compression.
    • Wrap around design at the wrist along with a built in assist strap for ease of application.
    • Melco taped seam on thumb can be trimmed at the IP joint without fear of making the product weaker or less durable. Trim the thumb length to the desired length.
    • Fits both the right and left hand.
    • One size fits all.
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