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    The Townsend Rebel Lite knee brace is the lightest version in the Rebel brace series and is indicated for ACL or combined instability ligament injuries. It's specifically designed for women, children, and/or individuals 5'2" or shorter needing a brace for daily activity. The Townsend Rebel Lite is 13 inches in length and features TM5+ hinges that reduce shear forces to the knee and surrounding ligaments thus reducing any extra stress to a newly reconstructed knee, and encourages complete shell-to-leg contact throughout full flexion and extension of the knee. The brace is made from T5052 aluminum and is backed by a no migration guarantee - it will not slide down your leg while being worn. Customers can mix and match different sized thigh shells with different sized lower leg shells based on taking three measurements of your leg: a thigh circumference, a knee width, and a lower leg circumference measurement. These measurements are in turn used to create your own customized Townsend Rebel Lite model.
    • Made from T5052 aluminum for lightweight strength and protection.
    • TM5+ hinge design provides full extension and flexion control of range motion at the knee. TM5+ hinge has adjustable extension stops at 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 degrees, AND adjustable flexion stops at 0, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 110 degrees.
    • Rebel Lite is intended for women and children 5'2" and shorter. It has a shorter frame (13 inches) than the Rebel and the Rebel Pro.
    • Right/left specific.
    • Designed for woemn and children 5'2" and shorter.
    • Made from T5052 aircraft aluminum
    • Customized for an exact fit.
    • Suitable for daily activity and general sports.