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    Therabath Paraffin Mitt Kit

    Prolong the heat from warm paraffin treatments for longer-lasting relief with a Mitt Kit. Use during paraffin hand treatments.
    Product #: 21307TH

    Two Insulated Mitts: Heavyweight plush polyester-velour, cotton-lining, fiber-fill insulation for maximum comfort and warmth, easy-to-use hook/loop closures, machine washable.

    • 100 Liners: Disposable plastic liners make clean-up fast and easy!

    Paraffin is able to absorb & retain a great amount of heat. The Therabath takes advantage of paraffin's heat-retaining capacity in a simple process called heat transfer. Very simply, the heat that goes into melting the paraffin is released when it solidifies into a custom-fit "glove", transferring the heat deep into the affected area. Each dip in a Therabath delivers a layer of fast acting heat therapy-without drugs!

    Fast-acting Heat Therapy
    Soothes Pain & Stiffness
    Effective on Arthritis, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Spasms, Inflammation, Sports Injuries and Dry, Cracked Skin
    Long-lasting Pain Relief for Hands, Elbows, Feet, & More
    Precise Temperature Control
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