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Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/Boots

Therabath® Paraffin Liners for Mitts/ Boots Package of 100 liners.

Therabath with 6 lbs. ScentFree™ Paraffin

Fully insulated, this heavy-duty bath is energy efficient for low-cost operation, with thermostatic control to maintain a medically-prescribed temperature automatically.

Therabath Kit

Kit contains bath, 6 lbs. ScentFree™ paraffin, a pair of insulated mitts and box of 100 liners.

Therabath Paraffin Application Strips, 40 count

Therabath® Paraffin Application Strips make those hard to dip areas easy! Apply paraffin to large areas such as the back or thigh, or as a joint wrap around elbows or knees. Strips are stretchy, so they conform to most areas. Wax is easily removed along with the strip for easy cleanup! Paraffin not included.