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    The Stiff Stick

    Stiff Kit Package includes: (1) Stiff Stick (1) Travel Stick (1) FootWheel
    Product #: 2TS00002RF


    The Stick is a simple but highly effective mobility tool for rolling out knots, treating muscle pain, and accelerating overall recovery

    The advanced plastic spindles used in each version of the Stick act like a series of miniature massage rollers working together, providing a high level of flexibility for maximum compression of the targeted muscles. The textured grip handles on both ends also enable superior leverage, resulting in a precision myofascial release and trigger point therapy solution that’s portable, affordable, and easy for anyone to use.

    Each Stick is waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and backed by 30 years of refinement in design.

    How to use the Stick:

    • Typical warm-up is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area)
    • Pain is experienced when the spindles locate a bump or tender knot in the muscle known as trigger points.
    • Muscles containing trigger points are often weak, stiff and sore. They are frequently tight, easily tire and often hurt.
    • Chronic trigger points need 20 additional passes over the involved area and may require attention several times daily.

    Stiff Stick:

    A stiff model that is very rigid with black dual cam grips. It is 23" in length and hosts 12 spindles. This model allows the user to deeply penetrate heavy muscle mass. [Black handles]