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    Strava™ Smart Splint Pan

    Filters 100% of the water over UV light every 2 minutes.
    Product #: 214599NC
    • Effectively sterilizes microbes using high heat and UV.
    • 99.9% kill rate of introduced microorganisms.
    • Touch screen user interface with parameter adjustability, thermoplastic sheet presets, user presets, auto on/off, education library and more.
    • Transparent lid with accordion fold for visibility, heat maintenance and easy access to thermoplastic sheets.
    • Cold water can be heated to precise thermoplastic temperature in less than 20 minutes.
    • Automatic drainage pump for quick and easy water evacuation. A built-in water level sensor turns off the pan when water level is too low.
    • Thermoset composite material construction used frequently in the healthcare industry for durability, insulation, flammability resistance and aesthetic appeal.
    • Recessed thermostat for safe and even heating.
    • External Dimensions: 20" x 23" x 9" (52 x 59 x 23cm).
    • Tub Dimensions: 13" x 19" x 6" (32 x 49 x 15cm).
    • Glass height (fully raised) measures 9.5". Total height reaches 18.5".
    • IEC61010-2 safety rating for hospital and international compliance.

    Unit Specifications
    Weight: 45 lbs
    Dimensions: 23 " x 26" x 17"