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    Squid Clinic Model- Knee

    Squid is a unique sequential intermittent compression system that delivers cold deep into the joints and muscles for immediate relief from pain and swelling. This multi-chambered system is an effective alternative to traditional cryotherapy tools in a clinical setting.

    Squid is designed to provide tremendous relief from muscle and joint pain.

    This may allow users to reduce dependency on pain medication, perform everyday tasks that were previously painful, and enjoy walking, running, skiing, playing tennis, golf and other sports again.

    Knee System 

    This system is scientifically designed to treat knee and leg pain, including pain from arthritis or tendonitis. Squid Go delivers intermittent sequential cold compression therapy to the areas that need it most including the knee, calf, quadriceps and hamstring. This wrap fits either leg.

    A Smarter Product

    Squid Go is designed with user comfort in mind. Choose the level of compression that you find most comfortable and enjoy pain relief at the touch of a button.

    1. Faster Treatment

      Pain relief that is quick and convenient. Each Squid Go treatment takes just 15 minutes, regardless of compression level.