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    Squeeze Bags for Pureed Food

    Squeeze bags have become the gold standard for recovery among jaw surgery patients. They are easy to fill, easy to use, and easy to clean, so you can re-use them multiple times. Like the name says, you just zip and squeeze!
    Product #: 2364165DK

    The magic is that no inward sipping is required (after jaw surgery you are often told not to sip or suck on a straw). By using the clamp, you can regulate the flow of liquid -- just put more or less pressure on the clamp and the liquid flows freely by itself from the bag into your mouth -- no sipping or sucking required!

    The bags pictured here are for thicker liquids (such as smoothies or blended foods). If you need bags for thin liquid, such as water, thin juices, strained soups, supplements, medications, and rinses we recommend the bags, which are made for that purpose.

    Each set of 5 bags comes with the following: 5 bags, 5 thick tubes, and 5 large clamps. Complete instructions are included. They are BPA-free. We recommend assembling and trying the product before your surgery so that you already know how to use it once you need it!

    Please Note: this item is not returnable due to health regulations.