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    Spokeman Personal Voice Amplifier

    Now there’s an even smaller voice amplifier, with surprising volume and sound quality!
    Product #: 261017LM

    Helpful for people with soft voices whatever the reason - Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, PSP, laryngectomy, vocal nodules, partially paralyzed vocal cords, limited breath support, etc. With the Spokeman you can be heard more easily whether talking to one person or a small group-up to 25 depending on surrounding noise level. Useful in the car, bus or train, at family gatherings, parties or meetings, in a restaurant, in a small class or seminar, etc. Ideal when talking to someone with a hearing loss.

    Carry case and strap allows you to carry it over your shoulder, fasten it around your waist or Velcro® it around your belt. Or take the Spokeman out of the case and set it on a table, desk or night stand. Has an on/off/volume knob. Runs on rechargeable AAA batteries, the Spokeman can also use 6 standard AAA alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries if you prefer. And it even has a jack so that you can amplify C-D players, small radios, or communication boards.

    Material:        Dark grey plastic housing|
    Weight:          6.8 oz ( w/batteries inserted )
    Dimensions:  3" x 3" x 1½"