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    Soft Ice Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt

    Our Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt is designed to hold two (2) 6" x 9" Soft Ice® Packs comfortably on either hand.
    Product #: 213545PP

    Lightweight and comfortable design

    • Universal design can be used on the left or right hand and wrist.
    • Designed to deliver maximum cold or hot therapy with a gentle, adjustable compression.
    • The soft cotton backing absorbs moisture and helps protect the skin while the insulated outer fabric directs maximum cold/hot therapy to the body.
    • Our therapy wraps hold reusable Soft Ice® Packs comfortably on specific target body locations while still allowing freedom of movement.
    • No need to hold the pack on the body! Just position over targeted area and secure with hook and loop tab closure for a snug, comfortable fit.
    • Sizing: One size fits most
    • Color: Black

    Relieve your arthritis or injured hand with the Soft Ice® Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt, which combines the convenience of mobility with the benefits of long-term therapy!
    • Heat therapy offers relief of arthritis and stiffness.
    • Cold therapy reduces pain and swelling.
    Soft Ice® Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt includes:
    • Insulated plush wrap
    • Two (2) 6" x 9" Soft Ice® packs

    Soft Ice® Packs
    • Pack delivers comfortable, deep-penetrating cold or hot therapy to injured joints, ligaments and muscles.
    • The patented formula stays highly flexible and comfortable right out of the freezer!
    • Reusable and non-toxic packs.
    • All-natural, recycled and biodegradable formula.
    • Transfers heat out of the injured area much faster than competitors' packs!
    • Soft Ice® Packs are microwaveable at a medium heat setting. When used as a heat pack, Soft Ice®   retains its consistency and does not become a liquid.
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