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    Smart Heated Gloves

    Smart Heated Gloves sense and maintain the exact temperature you personally prefer and that is just one of the +30 features!

    Heats up to 50 Celsius (130 Fahrenheit), lasting anywhere from 6 to 50 hours on a single charge. Even then, the USB-C port allows you to hook up any power bank and extend the battery life limitlessly!

    The thin and breathable gloves offer dexterity for carrying out your everyday tasks in the protective comfort of smart heat. The touch fingertips allow you to use your smartphone as the grip texture helps prevent objects from slipping your grip.

    The App connects to your gloves, showing you the exact sensed temperature and giving you the option to customize the precise temperature degree you would like your wearables to maintain via heating. Never one degree cooler or warmer than your personally preferred temperature level.

    The app offers many other features, such as indicating the estimated battery life remaining and software updates.

    The gloves have a built in RGB Light that can be turned on with a bright white light for Night Visibility.

    Included Items
    • 1 Pair of Smart Heated Gloves
    • 1 pair of Rechargeable Batteries (7.4v | 2,200 mAh)
    • 1 pair of USB-C Charging Cables


    • 75% Polyester & 25% Spandex
    • Heating: Up to 130 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius)
    • Battery Life: Up to 50 Hours on a single charge
    • Battery Type: 2200 mAh (7.4v) - Compatible with 3000 mAh option
    • USB-C Charging
    • Night Visibility Light
    • Sensors 2
                 Wearable Temperature
                 Ambient Temperature
    • Built-in Memory: Remembers your temperature settings (set on the app)
    • Precise temperature selection (Down to the degree precision)
    • Customizable Heat Temperature Degree Levels
    • Smartphone Synchronization
    • App: Android & iOS
    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0)
    • Water resistant controller button
    • Voice Commands - Coming Soon (Not enabled in the current software version)
    • OTA (Over the air firmware updates)
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