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    Slip-On Foot and Calf Pad

    Product #: 2410JDM
    JDM Medical's Slip-On Foot and Calf Pad is a one-piece item designed to prevent skin tears on the lower extremities of the wheelchair-bound individual. It is an excellent device for anyone with leg-contracting problems and/or sensitive skin.

    • Easily slips onto wheelchair's leg rests
    • Helps protect sensitive skin from wheelchair components
    • Great for mild leg-contracting problems
    • Fits standard wheelchairs (16" to 18" wide)
    • 20" Wide x 19" From top to beginning of foot pocket x 6.5" From top of Foot Pocket to bottom of foot pocket

    This device slips-on over the foot pads and attaches to the back of the wheelchair leg posts using 3 sets of hook & loop straps and a buckled nylon strap.

    The device does not have to be removed even during patient transfers.

    The Slip-On Foot and Calf Pad is covered with a medical grade fabric with the following properties:
    • incontinent proof
    • flame-resistant
    • antibacterial
    • anti-fungal
    • self-deodorizing
    • stain-resistant
    • cleanable with mild detergent or soap and water