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    SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Cloth Mask with Headgear

    The SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Mask with Headgear lets Full Face mask users enjoy the Soft side of sleep therapy. The Anew Full Face Mask uses the proven mask technology found in the SleepWeaver Advance Improved and SleepWeaver Elan. The breathable material wicks moisture away from the skin to offer lightweight comfort. The cloth cushion is worn loosely for comfort and reduced strap marks.
    Product #: 210096018CP

    The SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Mask offers users a soft, lightweight seal using breathable material designed to pull moisture and heat away from the skin.


    • Soft Cloth Cushion
    • Inflatable Seal
    • Dual Chamber Design
    • No Forehead Support
    • 360 Degree Rotating Elbow
    • Travel Friendly Cloth Mask
    • Regular blue color

    Soft Cloth Cushion

    The soft material of SleepWeaver Anew sets it apart in the world of rigid CPAP masks. The unique dual chamber design inflates to seal around the nose and mouth. As the cushion of the SleepWeaver Anew inflates with the flow of CPAP air it \"balloons\" against the face to create a seal. A gentle bubble of cushion omits jaw and face pressure sometimes associated with hard plastic mask frames.

    Made of an extremely durable fabric, the cushion of the Anew is designed to \'breathe\' to reduce trapped heat or moisture against the skin. Further, a cloth cushion eliminates pressure points and vastly reduces the chances of morning red marks. The Anew exhalation \'ports\' are located on either side of the elbow. They are designed to offer quiet exhalation of the exhaled air.

    When putting on the Anew, the cushion size label should be on the bottom of the oral or mouth cushion. Fit the inflated mask using the adjustment tab at the center bottom of the cushion. Adjust the position of the mask to get the best seal..

    No Forehead Support

    The Anew headgear is designed to support and stabilize the seal without the use of a forehead support or strap. A clear line of sight makes reading or watching TV more comfortable. The minimal design reduces the weight of the mask and limits contact to the face making for a more pleasant sleeping experience.

    Elbow Design

    The 360º of elbow rotation provides options for users of the Anew. The hose can be routed down the chest; to either side; or up over the head.


    The cloth design of the SleepWeaver Anew is ideal for travel. The weight is much less than the average full face mask, the Anew will not add bulk to the carry on. Just unfold it after travel and the flow of the CPAP air will inflate the cushions.

    Optional Feather Weight Tube

    The Sleepwear feather weight tube is 18 inches of highly flexible, lightweight tubing. The lightweight hose reduces drag on the mask and allows freedom of movement to limit the chances of disrupting the seal. The optional Tether Strap for SleepWeaver Masks to route the tube up over the head and secure it to the headgear.

    Headgear Sizing

    The Regular and Large size Anew masks come with the size Standard Headgear. The Small Anew comes with the size Small Headgear.