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    Sitz Bath

    This is used for treatment of hemorrhoids and other causes of rectal discomfort. It fits and works with any standard commode.
    Product #: 25040SAI
    • Easy to follow instructions on solution bag.

    • Comfortably contoured bowl of extra-sturdy plastic cleans easily and stays looking bright.

    • Wide contoured edges for user comfort.

    • Unit designed to provide treatment around wide area surrounding the entire perineal region.

    • 200 cc solution bag with Seal-Tite filler valve prevents spillage without having to hold or hang bag. Solution bag can be hung above commode or set on tank top.

    • On-off valve provides for effective regulation of solution flow.

    • 60" (152.4 cm) long tube clamps to front of bowl to promote front-to-rear solution flow.

    • Vents direct any accidental overflow safely into commode.

    • Tube clamps to bottom of bowl to maintain front-to-rear solution flow.

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