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    Sit and Decompress Back Stretcher Spinal Decompression Back Traction Upright Inversion Table Made in USA Chiropractor Designed (Harness w/ Bar)

    Spinal Decompression in the comfort of your home. 20-25% Increase in Disc Space with X-ray Evidence. After selling thousands of harnesses and listening we have found that wrapping a towel around your ribs then wrapping the harness around can help with accommodating different size and shaped people.
    • Improve your back range of motion. Decreases back stiffness. The best treatment for back arthritis. By strapping into the Sit and Decompress belt you are stabilizing the upper half of your spine, allowing the lower back to decompress. The weight of you lower body weighs enough with the help of gravity, so your spine decompresses and alleviates your lower back pain. While in the harness you will perform multiple stances which will allow your spine to stretch and decompress from different angles. The ability to change stances creates more opportunity for your spine to heal.
    • Back Pain Relief. Sit and Decompress can virtually help all low back injuries and condtions.
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Designed with simplicity in mind. We recommend you use a door way chin up bar. Using the chin up bar makes it easy to set up and put away while not in use.
    • Made In Ohio - We have X-ray proof of a 20-25% increase in disc space instantly while using Sit and Decompress. X-rays were taken before starting treatment and during treatment. All discs showed a 20% increase in disc space with a couple discs showing 25% increase is space. This is an industry first study proving decompression therapy to the spine works and a measurable amount of disc space improvement. Sit and Decompress Therapy is the only to have real time x-ray proof.