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    Silver Moisture Wicking Fabric Dressing Sheet

    Moisture Wicking Fabric offers a non-sterile skin protectant made of a stretch polyester fiber impregnated with antimicrobial metallic silver. It is designed to reduce risks of complications by managing moisture and odor in skin folds and other skin-to-skin contact areas. It also features knitted polyester textile dressing with silver complex offers an ideal solution by providing effective antimicrobial action for up to five days depending on fabric soiling, amount of moisture, etc.
    Product #: 21610365MES


    • Convenient, individually packaged for single patient use.
    • Features antimicrobial silver (AG) to help provide odor control.
    • Reduces and helps prevent colonization of bacteria and yeasts.
    • Fabric designed to be cut-to-size to allow for use in different areas as-needed.
    • Functions by wicking and translocating moisture away to keep skin dry and provides a friction-reducing surface.
    • Provides a protective environment for the skin and an effective protection against microbial contamination in the fabric.