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    CUSTOM Ratcheting Padded “Click Strap” 8", (2) Firm-0.75″X7 Ladder Straps,– HIGH RELEASE 0.75″ SILVER Thermo Plastic Buckles – BLACK/SILVER ANTI-ROTATION BASE

    Ratchet Padded Strap with 2 Ratcheting Buckles - 8" 0.75″X7 Ladder Straps × 2 FIRM 0.75″ SILVER Thermo Plastic Ratcheting Buckles – HIGH RELEASE: BLACK/SILVER ANTI-ROTATION BASE extension length- 7.8
    Product #: 23546516M2


    Two Ratcheting Padded Straps with Thermo Plastic High Release buckle choice of buckle and 2 corresponding ladder straps riveted together (V-Strap).

    All hardware is concealed. The strap can be tightened or relaxed on the fly.  Comfort, Security, & Performance. Feel the difference!

    Specs by Size:

    Center Pad Length:Width:Thickness:Weight:Adjustment Range:
    8″2″0.6″<3 oz10.5″

    Carbon Cover:
    Moisture & Soil Resistant, Strong, Durable, & Appealing

    Integrated Ratchet Strap Sleeve:
    Ratchet Strap is concealed eliminating interference

    m2® Ratchet Buckle:
    Simple & Strong with 1/8” Incremental Adjustment

    Adjustable Extension Length:
    7 – 0.5” Adjustment Positions

    Synthetic Leather Bottom:
    Moisture Resistant & Comfortable

    Concealed Hardware:
    Comfort & Safety

    Ratchet Strap:
    1/8” Incremental Adjustment Made of Dupont Zytel ® ST 801 Super Tough Nylon

    Ratchet Strap “Feeding Sleeve”:
    Provides simple strap/buckle engagement.