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    Combi Shower Chair, self-propelled, standard with Footrests

    This is the STANDARD Self-Propelled Combi Shower Chair with Footrests included. fully adjustable and designed for semi-independent patients with limited leg function or reduced balance. It also is a good choice for wheelchair patients with full use of their upper body.
    Product #: 281124908HC

    The commode/shower chair provides a stable and height-adjustable support for less active users with weak legs, low stamina and/or poor balance who sit on the chair for longer periods of time and who require more support and assistance during sit-to-stand and seated transfers.

    Provides increased independence for the user in showering and toileting situations

    The commode/shower chair is fitted with large (24″) self-propelling wheels allowing the user to easily and independently manoeuver, turn and adjust the chair to different positions in various settings and situations.

    Combi self-propelled offers the following features and advantages:

    • Weight Capacity Standard Model: 330 lbs
    • 17" between arms for the Standard Model
    • Stainless Steel Construction – Stable, secure, rust resistant, and hygienic Suitable for wet environments and built to last
    • White Powder Coated Frame – Additional protection from water, chemicals and physical damage
    • Compact – Designed to fit into most wet rooms and doorways
    • Polyurethane Pads – (Seat/Backrest/Armrests) Soft, durable, anti-slip and quickly conforms to the patient’s body temperature
    • Height Adjustable Frame – Special snap lock clips allows adjustment for different patient heights as well as placement of the chair over different sized commodes
    • Detachable Seat and Backrest – Easy to clean or replace
    • Keyhole Shaped Seat Opening – Appropriate for all patients
    • Fold-up Armrests – Ideal for assisted side transfers
    • 24 in Self-propelled Wheels – includes easy-activate hand locks and built-in loop (only with Combi Self Propelled)
    • Maintenance-free 4 in Locking Casters – Designed not to collect dust and lint, wide diameter rolls easily over cracks and transitions in flooring; foot locks on each caster keeps chair stationary when needed

    Products specifications
    Weight CapacityUp to 250 lbs.
    Weight CapacityUp to 350 lbs.
    Weight CapacityUp to 300 lbs.
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