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Hawk Grips Multi-Tool Instrument

The HGPro is the highest-quality multi-instrument on the market. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, the HGPro boasts seven different treatment edges and also features both single and double bevels. The instrument is perfectly weighted and ergonomically designed, ensuring maximum feedback.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Theraband CLX Anchor

The TheraBand CLX Anchor expands the capabilities and increases the number of movements that can be performed with TheraBand CLX. It is specifically designed to anchor the CLX in a door or to a sturdy object. Built with a soft cradle and two end straps to hold the CLX in place, the anchor is a versatile accessory that easily allows patients to transition in-clinic exercises to the home or wherever convenient with minimal investment.

Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles

Use Vasyli heat gun to mold properly.

Single Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression Neck Air

New Comfort Visor gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact). Does not hyper-extend the neck.Single EED air cell* decompresses & hydrates discs at moderate pressure levels while decompressing & shaping the proper neck curve for comfortable, corrective deep relief.

Workhard Valeo Back Supports, Heavy Duty

8” elastic power net with 4 non-conductive stays.

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

A new high-tech compensation for leg length discrepancy.

Omni Cervical Relief Pillow® - Cervical Ease - Neck Traction Pillow

Omni Cervical Relief Pillow® - Cervical Ease - Neck Traction Pillow

Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles Blue

Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles, Blue- Medium Density

Muscle Master Power Massager 2.5 AMPS, 3500-2800 RPM

Imagine delivering the kind of deep and effective massage needed to ease muscle pain and provide therapeutic relief, and all with one hand! That is possible with the ScripHessco Muscle Master Massager 2.5 AMPS, 3500-2800 RPM. Noted as being more powerful than other, comparable units, it is designed to provide oscillating movement that enhances circulation and reaches deep muscle pain. At only six pounds in weight, it is easily among the most versatile of the power massagers. It works on all parts of the body, is maintenance free, and uses a thick and contoured pad to ensure the most comfortable results. This electric massager has two adjustable speeds.

Vasyli Dananberg Orthotics

Vasyli Dananberg Orthotics

MMT Classic Silicone Cupping Set set of 4

Cupping Therapy is used to decompress and release adhesions, scar tissue, relax muscles in spasm, decrease trigger point pain, lymphatic drainage, decrease tissue changes and inflammation. BPA FREE.

Vasyli® Armstrong II Sensitive Feet Orthotic

Whether you are dealing with an insensate foot, a hyper-sensitive foot type, or a diabetic foot, reducing pressure and shear forces should be playing a significant roll in your patients’ orthotic treatment regime. Developed with podiatrist David Armstrong, renowned as a world leader in diabetic foot care--