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    Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Spa

    Large enough to accommodate feet, hands or elbows comfortably; the Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Spa can be kept on all day for your clients’ soothing paraffin treatments. Thermostatically controlled heating unit holds 6 lbs. of paraffin wax.
    Product #: 226900365MW

    Please note: Wax not included.

    Usage Tips

    1. Place unit on stable surface.
    2. Remove lid and grate from inside the unit.
    3. Place wax in the unit.  Place grate on top of the wax.
    4. Place lid on the unit.
    5. Plug unit into electrical outlet and turn the unit on.  Indicator light will illuminate.  As the wax melts, grate will faill to the bottom of the unit naturally.
    6. 6lbs. of wax will take approximately 6 to 8 hours to melt.