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    When leg strength and balance are impaired, the RoWalker400 provides the necessary stability needed to get going again. Developed in cooperation with a leading American hospital, the RoWalker400 is a unique and ergonomically designed walking aid for early mobilization, particularly for cardiothoracic and abdominal post-surgical users. It also allows for oxygen, drain bags and IV pole integration for convenient use during gait training.
    Product #: 23665862HC


    • Eliminates the need for two caregivers
    • Weight capacity of 400 lbs (180 kg)
    • Ergonomic, safe and secure
    • Provides excellent support for walking and standing training
    • For early mobilization, specifically for cardio-thoracic and abdominal post-surgical users
    • Unique design with built-in seat pads for comfortable resting as well as for security during walking
    • Stepless adjustment of height
    • Stepless adjustment of inner width between the armrests and distance between the handle bars
    • Soft kneepads provide maximum support
    • Divided seat pads give the user the ability to rest while in transit or to simply provide additional security when using the device
    • Adjustable base width enables placing of RoWalker400 close to wheelchairs
    • Equipped with multi-directional castors and a small frame that is easy to maneuver
    • Directional wheel locks on the rear castors facilitate straight walking
    • Locks on the front castors
    • Hooks for portable oxygen system and oxygen tank holders, which are available as accessories, enable convenient use of an oxygen tank during walking training

    Unit 1 piece

    Length 38.9in

    Width 27.3in

    Height 46.1in – 54.3in

    Seat Width 18.9in

    Seat Depth 10.4in

    Safe Working Load 400lbs

    Total Weight 82.7lbs

    Products specifications
    Weight Capacity400