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    Ritter 253 LED Exam Lights

    The Ritter 253 is the versatile choice for having the right size of light in the right place during exams. It can be mounted directly to the Ritter exam tables, Ritter and Midmark power exam chairs and to the full line of Ritter and Midmark procedure tables. The 253 may also be ordered on a mobile stand and wall mounted.
    Product #: 236846MR

    Cost Effective: Ritter LED exam lights are designed to consume 45-60% less energy than other lights, providing a considerable reduction in operating cost over the life of the LED.

    Ergonomic:  Controls are conveniently located on the light head, including power and focal spot adjustment, designed for ease of use and proper ergonomics.  The flex arm is designed for effortless positioning without drifting. Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing—the Ritter 253 exam light is designed to be the simple solution to your exam lighting needs.

    Standard Value Added Features: 1700 foot-candles (18298 lux) @ 16”, color temperature of 4250K and an adjustable spot with a diameter of 4” to 12”

    Mobile: The Ritter 253-016 is on a 5 leg mobile stand with caster base.