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    RemZZZ Full face Liners

    Tired of the feeling of cold silicone on your face? Are you experiencing mask leaks with your full face mask? If so, you may find the RemZzzs Full Face Mask Liners helpful. These comfortable mask liners add an extra layer of softness between the silicone and your face, while also absorbing human oils so there's no breaking the seal.

    Features & Benefits

    • Create a Stronger Seal by Absorbing Human Oils and Preventing Slipping
    • Makes the Mask Fit Feel Fabric-Soft
    • Eliminate the Feeling of Cold Silicone on the Cheeks
    • Includes Forehead Liners
    • Good for a 30-Day Supply

    Creates a Stronger Seal by Absorbing Human Oils

    Mask leaks can be annoying, especially if they make so much noise you can't fall asleep! One possible cause could be the presence of human oils and sweat on your face, creating a slippery layer between the mask and your cheeks. RemZzzs Mask Liners absorb the sweat from your face, eliminating the problem, and making it easier for the mask to create a good seal.