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    ReachMate Folding

    Economy rubber cup reacher AND IT FOLDS in half for easy storage. Notice the orange dot on the folding joint. The ReachMate is the only reacher available with a strong metal folding joint. Unlike other folding reachers, the ReachMate folding and locking reacher will last. In addition, this lightweight reacher has all the most popular features: pistol grip with four finger trigger and locking mechanism. Sold with black synthetic rubber cups sensitive enough to pick up a dime. Replaceable with silicone or synthetic rubber (EPDM) accessory cups. Great help around the house.
    Product #: 235484156AM
    • Strong metal folding joint can be LOCKED to keep shaft in straight position
    • Metal joint can be left UNLOCKED for quick use or for reaching under or around corners
    • Stainless steel fingers will not rust
    • Aluminum shaft is light yet durable
    • Plastic positional locking mechanism to easily maintain grip on object.
    • Jaws open to 4.25” wide
    • Pick up capacity 5 lbs
    • 32” long
    • Weighs 10.5 oz
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